Computer Vision

Scan any image without internet connection and give the user positive feedback for the scan with points. Our image recognition can happen in less than 1/25 of a second within 5 meters for A4 format. Scan also work from a computer screen, so loyalty users can be rewarded for visiting your website and social pages

Early in 2014 we added the ability to scan products as well. This works great for many different advertising campaigns. Users can scan your product in their own home or while out shopping.


Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy is the new standard for the ubiquidous Bluetooth technology. The major change to Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE, is its power savaings. Bluetooth enabled devices can now scan for other Bluetooth connections continuously without a major strain on the battery. This background scanning allows us to alert users of nearby places. No internet connection is required and the accuracy of the 'beacon' is configurable from 30m to less than a meter.

Powered by Walkin was the first launch of iBeacon in China with 600 stores, One of the largest launches of iBeacon worldwide.

Only the most highend Android Phones are Bluetooth Low Energy Enabled, but the beacon technology is transferable between iOS and Android once BLE has larger Android marketshare.


User experience

Our user expereince has three major focal points. Discovery, Earn, and Win.



User can find your places with Powered by Walkin regardless of if your place is physical or digital. Our platform gives you the ability to link your digital offers to your physical places. Your places promotions can occur on a place by place basis, so you can convey targeted messages.

Content you create on your Facebook Page, Twitter Feeds, or Weibo Feeds can also be brought into the application so users are getting your latest content. Your online store is also available to the user from within the app.

Sounds like a lot of work to setup? Don't worry about it. We will do that for you.


Many ways to earn points:

visit a physical place make a purchase in the store sending free gifts to freinds use Alipay Wallet to make a purchase make a purchase on TMall scan images on the web


Earned points can be exchanged for gifts. The transaction happens right within the application. Then the gift is sent right to the user's home.

Powered by Walkin is made to alieviate the stress of traditional loyalty programs for both the users and our clients. We manage the gift offerings and delivery to the users door.